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We're using Blockchain to simplify publishing & empower writers to bring more content to life.

It's gotta stop.

Just Like Netflix with Cable

Limited Distribution

Can't monetize enough from your fans because you're limited

No Options

Publishers are rubbing it in your face

Earning Pennies

Authors are sick of not making any money after doing all the hardwork

It's time to rewrite history

Author Protection

Using the new Blockchain technologies (smart-contracts), authors now can control own their content for good

Generate Wealth Writing

Author's control meaning that the author is finally able to control the supply, I.e. making more money in the long-run

Build Meaningful Connections

Cutting down middle-men will help you gain full exposure on your own content

How It Works?

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Odiggo is looking to become a market leader. It has even more lofty plans...

Tage Kene-Okafor - TechCrunch

We are excited to back Odiggo in its quest to transform the industry and provide superior service to their customers

Idris Bello - Loftyinc Capital

they undoubtedly represent a unique and
significant contribution to the overall industry

Sam Menard - Apple

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