Web 3.0 search protocols

for the next 1-billion people

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Next-level search

10x Faster


using AI that can actually understand you and save you time

The new creator economy

A completely new decentralized environment that empowers both writers and searchers through blockchain. Along with the power of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) gated communities that only get better with time.

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Freedom 3.0

say bye 👋 to internet paywalls

Stream locked-content 10x faster.

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Community at the heart of it.

You're an Owner.

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Founders built an 8-figures market-leader before


Ahmed Omar

co-founder & CEO

grew e-commerce business to $50M+
grew Odiggo GMV to 8 figures business
won 3-Gold Medals as an athlete :)


Ahmed Nasser

co-founder & CTO

grew sales to 100x in 18 months in pre-pivot
grew Odiggo to 20,000 DAU pre-pivot
invented a mathematical formula at school :)

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